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Why Hospitals Work With Us

We understand the real challenges both logistic, and financial of attracting leading-edge clinical research trials to hospitals. Integratize Platform offers massive efficiency improvements for clinical research activities.


Our platform is a totally patient-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for hospitals. The solution allows for searchability of patient information and the ability to provide strategic quality information that is secure on our blockchain.

How does this benefit you?

  • We arrange the data so you can get strategic insights from the data for free

  • You own the data and it stays with you and does not leave your hospital

  • It is fully GDPR compliant

  • You will have access to our blockchain technology for free

  • It will bring in Millions of Dollars investment through clinical trials

  • It will bring you on par with the top research institutes in the world

  • Bring in new cutting-edge medication to the region

  • Make your institute the referral hub for the region

  • Zero cost

  • Data is air gapped so is fully protected


Care Strategies

Integratize platform enables hospitals to use their own EHR data to better visualize and then easily produce best patient care strategies.

Actionable Data

Integratize platform can be used to better understand care trends and standards of care across many sites or geographic locations.


Better Research

The intregratize platform creates anonymized data that can be analysed and used in research and publications

 Research partnerships and publications allow for better sponsors buy in and potential for collaborations

Smart Solution

Integratize leads the way to new Machine learning protocols and AI that will allow development of new modalities such as Genomics and image search functionality

Integratize platform will allow  for Hospitals to take the next step in development and improve their internal network and technologies to become truly  smart hospitals with best in class treatment

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