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Why Pharma choose us

We Speed up and reduce the cost for clinical trials by providing an unparalleled network of patients for Clinical trials onboarding. Through our unique network of hospitals and sites we can give real time network that is searchable based on inclusion and exclusion criteria


Protocol Design and Feasibility

Prepare your research  protocol as a query using as many inclusion and exclusion criteria as you require

Truly drive the protocol development process

Decide whether it is feasible to proceed based on our vast data base of patients and hospitals

Save time and money by having more informed decisions.


Trial Sites

Use our integratize platform to source the right site for you with the required number of participants to make your trial a success.

Make your trial more efficient: Fewer sites with more patients.

Speed up site identification – results within minutes not months

Save time and money and resources.


Patient Search and Enrolment

You can use our platform to search not just for sites but also patients that may be at nearby sites that can be onboarded also.

We make trial recruitment more efficient and effective, in a fraction of the time needed by traditional search processes: minutes instead of months.

Easy to manage and follow patient enrolment.

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