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With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance Clinical Trials and improve patients lives forever. Our dedicated team brings new and innovative technology that disrupts the Clinical Trials landscapes and allows more people access to life changing medication


Our Vision

How we are Disrupting the Industry

Currently Data is Siloed in Governments and Hospitals around the world. This Data is difficult to access in a secure and legally compliant way. We remove these barriers by using our AI to anonymize the data and put on our platform but still meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

The entire platform is supported by our Integratize 2.0 blockchain secured data structure which secures all parts and information that is shared and accessed in Integratize. The ecosystem will use artificial intelligence in several ways. The Integratize platform ecosystem consists of Fully anonymized Clinical Data/EHR/Drug development and shared data (such as adverse effects). This means Integratize is not only a fully functional combination of a personal health record and an electronic medical record but it combines the HIPAA/IHE/GDPR compliant EMR/PHR with a fully HIPAA compliant Data Warehousing allowing Clinical trials providers access to a vast AI backed big data evaluation, AI supported pharmaceutical treatments, a medical tourism platform secured by our proprietary Integratize blockchain to give patients security, 100% transparency and trust by securing each and every single transaction.

This finally gives patients not a dead data silo but a fully trustworthy solution to bring their healthcare to a new level and make them the owner and director of their private medical data

So now no matter where you are you and your loved ones will be able to get access to Clinical trials that can potentially change your life.

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